"Ble aeth hi i frecwast?"

Translation:Where did she go for breakfast?

March 1, 2016

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My brain has given up on me. Which tips and notes section explains "aeth"?


Past Tense 3, but I don't think the tips and notes explains it. It's just another past tense form of the irregular verb Mynd, or To go:

  • Es i - I went
  • Est ti - You went (fam)
  • Aethoch chi - You went
  • Aeth e - He went
  • Aeth hi - She went
  • Aeth Dai - Dai went
  • Aethon ni - We went
  • Aethon nhw - They went

In this case, you have "Where went she to breakfast?", which can be rewritten has "Where did she go for breakfast".


Is "Where did she have breakfast" not the same as "Where did she go for breakfast"?


Yes. "have" and "go to" have different translations.


Ble gaeth hi frecwast? "Where did she have breakfast"

Ble aeth hi i frecwast? "Where did she go for breakfast"

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