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  5. "Hva hvis det regner?"

"Hva hvis det regner?"

Translation:What if it rains?

March 1, 2016



I've read on one of these sentences that "hvis" and "om" (possibly also some other words) are interchangeable when used as "if". I just wanted to know if one is used more often than the other in general or does it vary from person to person or maybe there is a particular time to use each of them? Takk på forhånd ^^

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I think 'om' is most common in general, but there are some contexts where 'hvis/viss' would be preferred. For instance if you're making a condition:

if-else = hvis/viss-ellers

If they have milk, buy eggs, or else I'm not going to bake this cake.

Viss/Hvis de har melk, kjøp egg, ellers kommer jeg ikke til å lage denne kaka.

(Notice that the adverb 'ikke' precedes the verb in such sentences)

if-then = hvis/viss-så

If you want to, (then) you can come along.

Viss/Hvis du vil, (så) kan du få bli med.


This is for some bizzare reason one of my favirot phrazes


Hvis det regner, det regner.


If "om" is for something that can either be true or false, shouldn't it be used here?

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