"Masz coś na ból brzucha?"

Translation:Do you have something for a stomach ache?

March 1, 2016

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"Stomach ache" is a condition, not an object. Remove the "a". "Do you have something for stomach ache?"


Given brzuch is belly, bellyache should be an option here.


The English here is not quite right


Agree, should be "for a stomach ache"


Shouldn't these be accepted also? do you have something for a sore stomach? do you have something for a stomach ache?


alternatives.... do you have something for a sore stomach? do you have something for a stomach ache?


"belly" is not accepted.


Is "have you got something for stomackpain?" wrong?


It's "stomach pain", not "stomackpain".


How about 'Do you have something for an upset tummy?'


Why not, added.


What about "something against..."? It's another way to say it in English, although probably less common.


Discussed with a native speaker, here's the answer:

No, I don't think so. ... to cure the illness, stop the pain, prevent infection, protect against infection but not against on its own.


I don't understand what is meant by "on its own"...

I've often heard/read about vaccines/immunity against COVID-19, but it seems to be different with medication, for whatever reason.


I guess that was "something to protect against infection" (ok) vs just "something against infection" (not ok).

Yeah, maybe it's just unidiomatic.


I think that's not the point. I did some web research, and as a result, "against" is used for preventive measures like vaccination, but not for treatment/medication.


Hi Jan, Forget using "something against" here. In medical terminology, it's simply not used. Ever.

Specifically - "Masz coś na ból brzucha?" is a question in the present tense, so it is safe to assume that the questioner currently has a stomach ache.

Your suggestion, if I understand correctly, would be "do you have something against a stomach ache?" This would be understood, but it is poor English in my opinion.

"Something against" CAN be used to say "do you have something against women/Poles/the English?" if you are questioning someone's prejudices.

However I have never heard "something against" used in medicine.

Neil. (Context - I'm a Dentist - I don't treat 'ból brzuche', but am somewhat familiar with 'ból zęba')


Thank you, Neil. I actually wouldn't use it anyway. But I don't like "something for a stomach ache" either. I think it's quite colloquial, and it almost sounds like "something that causes a stomach ache".

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