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Can't log in with Firefox

Whenever I try to log in with Firefox - either by pressing the Sign up with Facebook button or by entering my username and password - it just takes me back to the log in page. I have already tried deleting my Duolingo cookies, but it did not help. I can log in fine with Chrome. What could be going on?

January 18, 2013



are you on Linux?


Nope, Windows 7.


I've been having the exact same problem as described above the entire time I've used Duolingo (~6 months). I'm on Windows 7, I've deleted my cookies, de- or reactivated all add-ons, whitelisted Duolingo in AdblockPlus, etc. Like clpm, I have to use Chrome if I want to ever use Duolingo, and while it sounds rather spoiled to complain about having to use a different browser, it represents an unnecessary annoyance. Given that learning a language often requires willpower to begin, being unable to use the site on the only browser I actually use just makes summoning the willpower that much more difficult sometimes.

It seems a little disappointing that this problem, which at least a few people are suffering to a severe degree and has been going on for over a year, has gotten no response other than the unhelpful "clear your cache."

Is there anything I can do to make Duo work on Firefox?


I have this exact same problem. I can't use chrome because I need flash for the audio. Have you solved this problem?


in case anyone is still having this problem, clicking the padlock in your search bar and disabling blockers fixes this


Unable to log in the forums with Firefox - the page just reloads. Reported as a bug. Able to log in the main page, which luckily also provides access to forums.

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