"Whom do they like?"

Translation:Kogo one lubią?

March 1, 2016

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Can i not say "kogo lubią one"? I was initially omitting the subject, but thought to add "one" for emphasis - who do they like


I think you can- as in it is not grammatically incorrect. But it sounds strange? Very uncommon. Just using "one puts a bit of emphasis. You probably already know that we tend not to place pronoun at the end, and that we tend to omit personal pronouns in the subject.


Thanks - I actually hadn't picked up on the pronouns not going at the end. Seems like there are lots of little word order rules like that - I need to start keeping a list. Personal pronouns omitted, sure, and dlatego that makes sense that simply including it would add emphasis. Thanks again!


Generally, it doesn't work like in Italian (perhaps Spanish, too). Adding pronouns to the end is not the best way to stress the subject. It would be natural to use that word order in following type of sentences: "Nie pytam, kogo lubisz ty, ale kogo lubią one". However, as immery said, it is still correct.


Yeah, that's an interesting contrast. Pronoun at the end seems very reasonable in Spanish, though I'm no expert. Word order in general seems to more closely follow English here, but still with all the declensions and other dissimilarities, I get these "not English" cues, and try to pigeon-hole them into Spanish, being the only other language I'm halfway good at.

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