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  5. "Mae Sioned am air gyda ti."

"Mae Sioned am air gyda ti."

Translation:Sioned wants a word with you.

March 1, 2016



Where is the want in this sentence?


The "am" is used to infer that she wants to have a word with her. It's rather idiomatic.


Is there also a similar construction for a negative clause without "dim" meaning "Sioned does not want to have a word with you."? I could imagine "Mae Sioned yn erbyn air gyda ti."

That would be similar to German "Sioned ist dafür/dagegen, ein Wort [hier besser: ein Gespräch] mit dir zu haben." Or in English: "Sioned is for/against having a word with you."


Sounded to me like "Mae Sioned a Mair gyda ti".

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