"Jakie mięso jest smaczne?"

Translation:What kind of meat is tasty?

March 1, 2016

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Is there a difference between jakie and które here? Is jakie asking in general, where które only refers to specific options in front of you?


You can put it that way. "Jakie mięso" is more like "what kind of meat" and "które mięso" is more like "which one".


Ah, thanks, that makes more sense. Next time I will report it and suggest they make "what kind" the main translation. "What meat is tasty" sounds a little strange to me


A good rule of thumb I've heard is that you use jaki in a sentence where the answer would be an adjective, and który where the answer would be a noun or pronoun.


Yeah, I agree, "what meat" sounds strange


Me too. The translation is literal, rather than natural.


Yes. It's one of the frustrating things about this method of learning. Sometimes the translations are too literal.


I agree. If you want to use "what", then it should be "what kind of meat". You might hear, "What meat ...", but it would not be the best english.


Changed the default to "what kind of meat", although it's not the closest answer, of course...


Thank you. Maybe when my polish is stronger I will fully get the nuance. In my previous answer, I should have said that this is one of the frustrating things about translation. Ideas don't always translate neatly. It takes time to develop a feeling for a new language, to think in the target language. I have a long way to go in polish!


Is it always true or just in this specific case?


Generally yes, although sometimes English seems to be a bit more flexible.

But we'd like the learners to remember "które" as "which (one)" and "jakie" as "what (kind of)".


I know that które is "which," but can jakie mięso jest smaczne also translate as "which meat is delicious"?


"Które mięso jest smaczne" is a question you ask when you eat in a place where they give you two or three meal choices and you ask your mates which one is edible.


Which one is tasty/delicious, actually. Edible would be „jadalne”.


Wish I'd learned this last week, started relearning polish because I've just moved, and the closest shop here is a polish shop where both polish people work and go to.

Wanted to ask this, but could only say "mięnso. Smaczne?". Still worked though hehehe


I said "What type of meat is tasty?" I was marked wrong. Surely "type" and "kind" mean the same thing. They do for me, in English.


Oversight, added.


What is the difference between "jak" and "co"


jak? means "how"- it is a question for adverb, or a description of activity,

co? - is a question for a noun, a subject that is not a person.

jaki/jaka/jakie/jacy are questions for adjective. it "what is it like", or "what kind of?", a description of a noun.

"który" is which - a question of clarification,


Can't what and which mean the same in this context?


We try to separate adjectival "what" (what kind of) and "which" wherever it's possible. After all, "which" seems to give you a choice between a closed, usually not big, set of answers. And as such, it would translate to "które".


Of course, I was being stupid! Thanks!


Nothing stupid in this, some people argue that still, those things are sometimes synonymous and I can see some sense in it. Still, for learning purposes, it's better to separate them.

Happy to help :)


Thank you. That isn't something I'd ever thought about before in English! Nice to learn something about my own language here :)


I think a better translation would be "which kind of meat is tasty" and should also be accepted. Mine was not.


Maybe it's a more probable sentence, but as explained before, "which" does not translate to "jaki".


How about "which kind of meat is tasty?"??

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