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"The students' trees are green."

Translation:Die Bäume der Studenten sind grün.

January 18, 2013



I got this wrong. I was careless and wrote "Die Bäume des Schüler sind grün". I know I was wrong. I do however have a question about the explanation. In the sentence "Die Bäume der Schüler sind grün", isn't "der Schüler " genitive? "The trees of the students..." If so, I think the explanation given below is wrong:

  • Correct solutions:
  • Die Bäume der Schüler sind grün.
  • Die Bäume der Studenten sind grün.
  • In nominative case, use "der" for masculine nouns like "Schüler"

Any insight/help from my native German friends?


It is genitive. The examples duolingo gives are all correct but the explanation with nominative case doesn't make any sense.


Thanks! That's what I thought.


can't it be the "trees of the students" ? and not necessarily "trees of the student"?


I'm not sure I understand your question. It is "trees of the students". It is not "trees of the student". The sentence implies multiple students and multiple trees.

I'm not sure if your problem is with the English or the German, or if you asked your question backwards by mistake so forgive me if I'm giving you information you already know. If you were asking if it can be "trees of the student", it can't. "Studenten" is plural. If it was singular it would just be "Student". In the English form, "students' " with the apostrophe AFTER the s it means "belonging to them". We don't put the second "s", but if we did it would be written as stundents's. When it is "student's" with the apostrophe BEFORE the s it means "belonging to him/her".

Hope that helps you somewhat!

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