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  5. "Tymor y Gwanwyn"

"Tymor y Gwanwyn"

Translation:The spring season

March 1, 2016



I was right here with 'The spring season' but could 'tymor y Granwyn' also be Springtime? And similarly with 'tymor y Haf', summertime; 'tymor y gaeaf', wintertime, etc...?

[deactivated user]

    Is this literally Season the of Spring or Season the Spring ?


    literally, "Season the Spring", but means "the season of the spring" or "the spring season".

    The "of" meaning as well as the "the" at the beginning comes from simply juxtaposing the two noun phrases ("season" and "the spring")

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks. The season of the spring would require "spring" to be put in the genitive case in Irish. Does Welsh use case at all?


      No -- case seems to have disappeared from Welsh entirely.

      English still has it in pronouns (e.g. subjective case, old nominative he vs. objective case, old dative/accusative him) but Welsh has dropped it here as well, as I understand it.

      [deactivated user]
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