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  5. "El vestido es suyo."

"El vestido es suyo."

Translation:The dress is hers.

January 18, 2013

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Why is this "his" ... isn't suyo "yours"? Am I missing something?


"suyo" is a confusing word because it can mean many things: "his", "hers", "yours".


Okay, but what clue am I missing that says it is "his" -- or not "hers" for that matter? In this sentence are there clues as to who suyo is referring to? Not complaining that I got it wrong since I translated it as "yours" ...but not sure how to tell there is a his or hers for it to belong to here?


There is no way know who (his/hers/yours) you are talking about when using this word. You MUST know the context. If somebody uses suyo to mean "his", both speakers will know which male they are talking about. If they don't, then they ask.


Why are dresses male but skirts are female? Or is there no answer and it simply is? Additionally, are there easier ways to remember the feminine/masculine thing? Or do you just have to learn it? Thanks.


There may be an etymological reason from the distant past, but for now it's simply the way it is. As a general rule, nouns that end with an "a" are feminine and nouns that end with an "o" are masculine (but this is not always true!).


Suyo and Tuyo aren't the same thing?


Not exactly. "Tuyo" always means "yours (singular)" (and in particular it is used for the informal version of "you" in Spanish: "tú"). "Suyo" can mean "yours (singular)" (but with the formal version of "you"), "yours (plural)", "theirs".


When do you use mi and mis?


When what you own is either plural or singular. For example:

mis zapatos = my shoes (plural)

mi zapato = my shoe (singular)


Mi is the singular, mis is the plural, but pay attention and listen : "mí" (with an accent) is an indirect complement too.. Ex. "Quiero este libro para mí." "¿Me lo dice a mí?"


Usually inderect complements are introduicing by prepositions like "para" or "a"

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