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  5. "Our area is small."

"Our area is small."

Translation:Nasz obszar jest mały.

March 1, 2016



What's the difference between obszar, strefa, region and dzielnica?


'obszar' just means 'area' and is totally vague

'strefa' is generally a 'zone', "A given area distinguished on the basis of a particular characteristic, use, restriction, etc." seems to fit for 'strefa'

'region' is usually something bigger, 'this region of the country' or at least 'city'

'dzielnica' is the easiest one to define because it's simply 'district' and it definitely is something on the administrative level.


can i say here nasz obszar to mały.


no. You cannot use to with adjective without noun.

(To be honest it is a grammatically correct phrase that means "This is our small area", but this structure of sentence is "poetry only")


i like poetry


it helps me to get a feeling for the structur of your language


Just keep in mind polish word order is more flexible in poetry than in casual speech.


How is teren different from obszar or region please?


I'm surprised how many people ask similar questions... the problem is, that all those words are rather vague.

"teren" is "terrain", and I would probably use it for "the terrain of something", like "terrain of our company". or "I have bought this terrain".

"obszar" is super vague. It's just some area. Maybe it's my desk. Maybe it's Russia.

"region" sounds like some part of the country, but it's also very unspecified. I guess just like in English.


Could it be : " nasza okolica jest mała" ? It's not accepted on Duolingo

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