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"Ви їздили у Київ на автобусі?"

Translation:Did you go to Kyiv by bus?

March 1, 2016



So just saying that you're going to a location (Київ) doesn't require locatve case?


Another example:

Кіт стрибає на столі [Loc]. The cat is jumping on the table (it's on the table and jumping there continuously)

Кіт стрибає на стіл [Acc]. The cat is jumping onto the table (it's jumping from somewhere else in one go)


Thanks for that round of answers and tell kitty to stay off the table!


Locative is for when you're asking "where?" (де?) and this here is Accusative for "to where?" (куди?)


Can we say "Did you drive to Kyiv by bus" ? Is it a correct sensetive?


I don't think you can "drive by bus". Driving means you are driving the vehicle, and that would be "Did you drive a bus", not "Did you drive by bus". So the choices are "to go/travel by bus" or "to take/ride a/the bus".

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