"Znowu jem na obiad mięso."

Translation:I am eating meat for lunch again.

March 1, 2016



My answer, "I am eating meat again for lunch", was incorrect. Isn't it just English word order variation rather than being incorrect.

March 1, 2016


If you think that your answer should be accepted, you should report it.

March 1, 2016


Is there any significant difference between znowu and znów?

May 1, 2016


No, it may be stylistic/personal preference.

May 1, 2016


I answered "Again I eat meat for lunch". Here I emphasize "again" but its correct, yes? It didnt accept it.

May 6, 2016


It's technically ok, but it isn't the clearest translation :) In English conversation, emphasising again at the start of the sentence often means you are reiterating a point for clarity or repeating yourself because someone isn't listening. I don't think in keeping with the sentence we're translating, here.

February 18, 2019


I always thought that 'obiad' was dinner and 'drugie śniadanie' was lunch

July 29, 2016


The differences are... cultural. And personal. Generally, the three main meals are: śniadanie, obiad, kolacja. For most of the English speakers it's either: "breakfast, lunch, dinner" or "breakfast, dinner, supper".

"Drugie śniadanie" is "second breakfast". It seems to me that lunch is 'too much' for it, plus I'd rather eat it before noon, but again, it may be a personal case.

July 29, 2016


I am so involved in making sure it's mieso or miesa that I continue to evelook the singular. I get pi---d at my self.

October 11, 2018


what is the different between znów and znowu ? proszę

October 19, 2018


No difference at all.

February 12, 2019


at lunch?

February 11, 2019


Would it be wrong to write "Znowu jem mięso na obiad" ? where the emphasis would be on when the meat is eaten.

March 12, 2019


I can only imagine this sentence with voice emphasis on 'mięso' anyway... it definitely sounds acceptable. And it already works.

March 12, 2019


At least this is not zurek again

April 12, 2019
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