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  5. "I like my desk."

"I like my desk."

Translation:Lubię moje biurko.

March 1, 2016



Why is it 'swoje' here instead of 'moje'?


I see "Lubię moje biurko" but "swoje" would work as well because it's my own desk.


So what exactly is 'swoje'? It encompasses all "my", "yours", "his/hers", "theirs", "ours", when in the Dative case?


Literally it means "owned by the subject of the sentence", so yes, it works in all those situations. ;-)


Would it be correct to say that "Lubię swoje biurko" just means "I like my desk" with no particular emphasis, but "Lubię moje biurko" means "I like MY desk, but I hate everybody else's" - or as a less extreme case "I like the desk I've got, so please don't move me to another"?


Not really, they mean the same thing. And both could show the emphasis... if you actually emphasizes the possessive by voice. And as this is the 1st grammatical person, the 'normal possessive' (moje) is perfectly natural. (but avoid it for 2nd and 3rd person)

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