"Dych chi wedi bwydo'r ci?"

Translation:Have you fed the dog?

March 1, 2016

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Very different from "Dych chi wedi bwyta'r ci?".


That's what I thought it was... I was about to quit Duolingo right then and there haha


Is there someone who could explain me the apostrophe? I understood that sometimes they shorten words like in Dw i yn - Dw i'n.... But in the case of this exercise I find myself lost about those...


In bwydo'r ci, the contraction is bwydo yr ci (feed the dog).

The definite article yr "the" takes one of these three shapes:

  • 'r if it follows a vowel (as here: bwydo yr becomes bwydo'r)
  • otherwise y if it stands before a consonant (as in y ci "the dog" when there's no word ending in a vowel in front)
  • otherwise yr (as in yr afal "the apple")


Essentially, verbs in Welsh need a yn in front of them, which is shortened to 'n, as you said. Wedi isn't a verb, so doesn't need yn in front of it.

Ibisc wrote a very good post on this, that I recommend you read, if you're interested.


I thought "dych chi" was affirmative and "ydych chi" interrogative. Am i wrong? Shouldn't the phrase here be "Ydych chi wedi bwydo'r ci?"?


dych chi can be used in the colloquial language for statements, negatives and questions. Different forms are used in more formal Welsh and in various dialects.

Ydych chi...? is also correct here

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