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Howdy all! This is where news and updates and encourgement will be posted. Please keep this thread neat, and post comments, etc, in the chat thread.

il y a 2 ans

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[DAILY UPDATE: 3/1/16] The challenge has begun! At midnight your time, you may begin completing your chosen tree. In addition, several awards have been added to the general tree completion one. They are: THE FIRST AWARD- Awarded to the first user to complete that language tree during competition.

THE BILINGUAL AWARD- Successfully compete a reverse or ladder tree during competition.

THE TREE CHOPPER AWARD- One tree not enough? Complete two or more tree during the month.

THE GOLDEN AWARD- Have the entire tree golden at at least one point during the month.

THE 5.0 AWARD- Receive a perfect score on the progress quiz for that language during the month.

THE LEVEL 25 Award- Reach level 25 in your language during the month.

Let me know on my stream when you complete your tree and win an award. Best of luck! (P.S.- When you are burnt out from lessons, don't forget to vote in your state's primary or caucus if you are one of the many states that hold their contest today.)

The list of competitors will be updated later today.

il y a 2 ans
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