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"Ten bogaty mężczyzna wspiera biednych."

Translation:This rich man supports the poor.

March 2, 2016



Does anyone see the connection? Bugatti, Bogaty?


I see Bogotá...watching Narcos too much I guess


I was thinking about Bòg


Does this means he supports them financially, or morally or politically?


It can be all of them, and also physically (as in leaning against something). You can usually tell from the context.


Can all adjectives be used this way, as nouns? For example, could I say "Lubię czerwony" to say that I like the red color?


I am not sure about ALL adjectives, but you can use color adjectives this way for sure.


wouldn't it then become Lubię czerwonych?


You are talking about people. without context it sounds offensive.


This reminds me of the controversy around the Redskins and the South Park joke on it.


If only all rich men did that...


Probably, he just says : "You can do it!".


is ' biednych ' the same in Nominative as it is in accusative ?


Depends on how you treat the word, but not here.

If you treat it as only describing poor women (or some other noun that is not masculine-personal), than the Nominative is "biedne" and Accusative is also "biedne".

If you treat it as describing either poor men, or just poor people in general (as here), then "poor people" include the possiblility that there are some males among them, thus the form has to be "biedni" (Nominative) and "biednych" (Accusative).


Would "the poor" be "biedni" in nominative? And would it be "biedne" if I was specifically talking about poor women? A bit confused about how to use adjectives in this way in polish


I am still a bit confused about the case of "biednych" here. It has been mentioned as accusative here but if I say, "This man supports the poor boys", then it becomes, "Ten bogaty mężczyzna wspiera biednych chłopców." Isn't this genetive case?


"Biednych" is in accusative, same if you add "chłopców". Confusion with genitive is reasonable because in masculine personal plurals genitive = accusative, their adjectives look the same too: "(Nie) Widzę bogatych chłopców".

Other masculine nouns have identical genitive as above but their accusative = nominative (in plurals). "Widzę bogate koty", "Nie widzę bogatych kotów".


Aah ok. Thanks!...I understand now. Plurals masculine nouns that are humans, such as drivers, musicians, waiters.


This rich man supports poor- should that be right?


I don't think so. Either it has to be "the poor", or "poor people".


Is this blood money? As HD Thoreau pointed out in his essay on Economy (about 1860) that to become rich he had to exploit the poor.


I did not put "the" which should not be considered as mistake, I believe, as poliah so not have this kind of articles. We are checking knowledge of Polish, but not English


If you translate a sentence into English, you are indeed being checked on your knowledge of English as well. We can't just put incorrect answers on the list of accepted ones.

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