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  5. "They need other artists."

"They need other artists."

Translation:One potrzebują innych artystów.

March 2, 2016



Is there any rule to know which nouns end in -ów in the genitive plural, and which ones end in -ek? And are they other possible endings? For example : matka -> matek artysta -> artystów


there are rules, depending on the gender and the last letters of the noun., but there are also exceptions.

but the more general tables do not show -a ending masculine nouns, so you can either find some rules here http://grzegorj.w.interiowo.pl/gram/gram00.html or just learn the declension.


How about "Oni potrzebują innych artystek?" when they would need only other female artists?


Why the case is Genitive in this sentence?


Potrzebować always takes the genitive case with direct objects.

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