"Dostarczasz smaczne ciasteczka."

Translation:You are delivering the tasty cookies.

March 2, 2016

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Why is" you provide" or "you supply" not acceptable?


The sentence "Dostarczasz smaczne ciasteczka" is not correct in Polish.

Just like in English, the verb dostarczać (to deliver) has two meanings:

  • to deliver/to transport/to hand over - przynosić/rozwozić/przywozić/ dowozić/dostarczać do (domu) klienta/ doręczać (kogo? co?):
    Doręczasz/Przynosisz smaczne ciasteczka - You deliver tasty cookies

  • to deliver/to produce/to be the source of/to provide/to supply - wytwarzać/produkować/być źródłem/ dostarczać (kogo? czego?): Dostarczasz smacznych ciasteczek - You produce/provide tasty cookies


This course is five years old and you're the only person that has ever had a problem with "dostarczać". Also, if "to deliver" even according to you can mean "dostarczać do (domu) klienta", then why would the sentence be incorrect?

https://furgonetka.pl/pomoc/130,czy_kurier_moze_dostarczyc_przesylke_w_sobote -> wouldn't "dostarczyć" be translated as "deliver" here?


The sentence "Dostarczasz smaczne ciasteczka" uses incorrect verb, because it does not indicate transport which would justify the case "ciasteczka". This can be corrected by adding "dostarczasz do (domu) klienta" or by using another verb (rozwozisz, dowozisz, przywozisz, doręczasz).

Otherwise the sentence means "You produce tasty cookies". and in Polish sentence the verb "dostarczasz" requires a different case: "Dostarczasz smacznych ciasteczek".

Wielki Słownik Języka Polskiego: https://www.wsjp.pl
(dostawić (towar), dostarczyć (towar), dostarczyć (radości)

The phrase "kurier dostarcza przesyłkę" is correct, because two words clearly indicate transport...


I'm talking to a delivery guy. "You deliver tasty cookies", I say to him. Nothing in the sentence has to indicate transport.


Is there somewhere in duolingo to get the infinitive root from the verb as the lessons come up? It seems the first few lessons had really clear explanations at the bottom of each section and the later ones don't.

thanks to the programmers and translators, the polish lessons are great!


Not on Duolngo but you can use Wiktionary: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dostarczasz


Wiktionary is really good, and I also like cooljugator, because it has a lot of examples at the bottom where the words are used in a sentence:



The new sentence I'll say to people when I say that I'm learning Polish and they ask what Polish sounds like.


This is incorrect, as it does not state to what or to whom; and so we have two very similar verbs introduced at the same time in the same structure.


I had trouble identifying second person ending as it runs into the s of smaczne.


I think that even the normal speed audio is slow enough to make the words distinct...


Why would you need "the" in this sentence? You can add it, but "you are delivering tasty cookies" is just fine.


It is fine and accepted, you don't need to use "the".

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