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"Are you in the big one hundred metre race?"

Translation:Wyt ti yn y ras can metr fawr?

March 2, 2016



Is "Ydych chi yn y ras..." right?


Correct. yn as a preposition does not shorten to 'n. In its two other usages it normally does shorten if it can:

  • Rwyt ti yn Llundain oherwydd bydd e yn y ras yno. - preposition
  • Rwyt ti'n gobeithio bydd e'n ennill. - with a verb-noun to mark an uncompleted action
  • Rwyt ti'n dal, mae e'n gyflym - with an adjective or a noun


Thank you. I was marked wrong, so I'll report it next time.


Why not ti’n?


As mizinamo says, it should be wyt ti yn... in this case. ti'n would be wrong here because this yn is a preposition which does not contract.


As far as I know, the yn which precedes a predicate (whether a verb, an adjective, or a noun) contracts, but the yn which is a preposition meaning "in" does not.

So I think "ti'n" would be incorrect here because you are talking about being "yn y ras" (in the race), rather than "being a race".


Thanks - lingot for spotting my failure to read the sentence properly! My response now corrected.


"Dach chi yn y ras can metr fawr" was marked wrong. reported


Diolch. Now added.


I understand that fawr  is mutated, despite can metr  is interposed between ras  (feminine) and mawr , because can metr  acts as a modifier or adjective (i.e. in the same way as in English 'one hundred metre' acts as a noun adjunct for 'race'), so it does not break the chain of subsequent mutations.
Instead, the conjunction a  would stop further mutations, e.g. y ras fawr a cyffrous  (not gyffrous).
Is this correct?


Yes. Two points:

  • The reason that can metr is not mutated is because it is acting as a genitive - 'a race of 100 metres'.
  • a (when it means 'and') causes an aspirate mutation, so it would be ...a chyffrous.


Thank you!
I'm afraid I had missed (or forgotten?) the aspirate mutation rule after a . I'll go through my grammar notes and make sure it's there.

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