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  5. "El juicio continúa."

"El juicio continúa."

Translation:The trial continues.

December 29, 2013



According to dictionary.com, the word in English is spelled "judgment". The "e" in "judgment", "judgmental", and such words was dropped in the 1980s or so! Please correct!


"Judgement" still tends to be the preferred spelling in British English.


That's right, two nations separated by a common language. :-)


I see that over a year ago SrdDPhx pointed out that if judgement is accepted as right in the answer, so should judgment, especially since judgment is the correct spelling in American English.


Judg(e)ment and trial are different things, is there any more nuance in Spanish than just 'juicio'?


why does the u have an accent. Is it because of the rule regarding strong vowels versus weak vowels. I forget which is which. Perhaps ua together suggests u i the weak vowel but here it remains the accented syllable.


I think I found my own answer. UA is a diphthong and should be pronounced 'oo' but in this case the accent is saying these are two sounds 'oo' and 'aah' Not weak vs strong vowels. If remember those rules please add your comments.


I think you were right the first time and second time.

We have more than 2 rules here for accents in Spanish.

Rule 1: A strong and a weak vowel together make one syllable.

Rule 2: Words ending in a consonant (not including n and s) are stressed on the last syllable.

Therefore because the verb continuar ends in a constant, the accent is on the last syllable 'ua' . Why the accent on the 'u' in present tense? I think this is where your last reply comes into play.

If there were no accent on the 'u', the whole sound would be different and the stress vowel would be on the 'i'. because of the rule of weak and strong vowels together make one vowel and of the rules of stressed vowels on next to last syllable .

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How does one properly pronounce continúa? The male speaker says con-TI-nua, which sounds nice but is wrong: it should be con-ti-NU-a, four syllables.

Who's with me on this?

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