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Choosing a new language from in a different language changes my basic language and deletes trees

I have been using Duolingo for two months now, particularly for Norwegian. Today when I added "Catalan par Espanoles" the basic language of my Duolingo changed from English to Spanish and, worse, my entire tree of Norwegian disappeared. Can this be repaired ??? I don't want to lose the entire progress I made in Norwegian !!!

March 2, 2016

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Nothing is deleted. It only shows the courses from one base language at a time.

Just switch back to Norwegian for English speakers and you'll see it's all there.


Yes, indeed my Norwegian appeared again, but only after choosing to start that course again. You do not get a list of all languages you are following. If I want to switch now again to Catalan for Spanish speakers, I have to restart that course (and assume it will have keptmmy level ). It seems to be unusual to study languages from different base languages


It is in fact very common to study languages from different base languages here, especially people doing "the reverse course", eg, English for Spanish speakers after having finished or almost finished Spanish for English speakers. I find that it gives extra practice, more translation into your target language, and a chance to try to "think in the way" a speaker of the other language thinks. Of course it still means you're translating a lot of sentences about ants eating apples, so it's not for everyone...

This eagerness of users to switch around languages does not seem to be something the developers had expected, and that's why it's a little bit awkward to switch between courses from different base languages. Many people have requested that this should be improved, but staff have indicated that it would be much trickier than it looks from the outside, and thus have not seemed to prioritize this.

Personally, I don't think switching is too bad -- you don't need to add it as a new course (by clicking the flag next to your profile picture on the top right), but can also click the flag at the top left of your tree (course) view, where it will say "Change language". I used to switch between three base languages every day, and never understood why many users found it soooo cumbersome. But I guess we're all different. I hope you'll soon get used to switching, and that you enjoy learning Catalan!


This option of changing languages does not appear in each 'platform', i.e. depends whether you work on your (Android-based) mobile, your mobile-browser or your ordinary browser on your laptop. I manage to do this 'change language' trick in one, but it is not available in others. It is comforting, though, to be convinced that your tree is never lost (unless you deliberately abort a course), but will always appear again, even if you choose a language from the list of options that you were working on already. For the time being, although fluent in Spanish and very eager to learn Catalan, I will just stick to the English-based courses as I find the switching rather tedious). Thanks for the help, though, I had become rather nervous when my Norwegian tree disappeared ....

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