"Before you go, you have to finish."

Translation:Cyn i chi fynd, rhaid i chi orffen.

March 2, 2016

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I use cwpla (gwpla in this instance). Why isn't it accepted?


I've not heard cwpla, how would it be used? (I'm not a dev, just a learner)


cwpla is a dialect form of cwblhau (completing, to complete). We do not generally include dialect words on this course.


Whould you really use the formal and informal "you" in the same sentence, such as "Cyn i ti fynd, rhaid i chi orffen"?


Perhaps the mixture you saw is not formal and informal, but singular and plural. "Before you (Tom) may go, you (Tom, Mary, and Megan) have to finish."


I don't understand why the proper structure for ti doesn't softly mutate ti

Cyn i di fynd, rhaid i di orffen. (wrong) Cyn i ti fynd, rhaid i ti orffen. (right)

i causes a soft mutation, unless it's the pronoun. I must be wrong in some way- What is the proper explanation?

EDIT: On a side note, Duo marks it as a type, not per se as a wrong answer.


The basic pronouns generally resist mutation.

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