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  5. "Er ist Student."

"Er ist Student."

Translation:He is a university student.

March 2, 2016



Does "Student" always refer to someone attending a college or university, while "Schüler" refers to someone going to high school, middle school, etc?


I tend to think of Schüler as equivalent to pupil and Student as equivalent to student. However, when I was last teaching in Germany my students were called Kursteilnehmer (course part takers i.e. course participants). Although I suppose that just confuses the issue.


Why doesn't this need an article?


Professions don't take articles in German.


Nor do some roles which are sort of similar even if they are not quite professions, such as "Er ist Vater geworden" (He became a father).

[deactivated user]

    The English translation specifies "university student". Does the German word "Student" refer only to someone studying at a university, or can it, like the English word "student", also be used for someone studying at any academic institution beyond school, such as a technical college, a music college, etc.? If not, what German word is used for college students?


    why doesn't this accept "he is a 3rd level student"?


    Ich habe geschrieben Er ist ein Student (wie es in Deutschland auch gesagt wurd) und es war nicht gut... Was ist das Problem? Ich vestehe nicht!

    [deactivated user]

      I guess while translating into English they're looking for "university student" specifically.

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