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"Two birds were sitting on the roof."

Translation:Dwa ptaki siedziały na dachu.

March 2, 2016



Why is it "ptaki siedziały"? Isn't ptak a masculine noun?


polish gender works different with plurals. With verbs, adjectives and pronouns we have two "plural genders", masculine personal, and not masculine personal

Masculine personal is : - masculine personal plural nouns - groups that contain at least one masculine person - groups that contain at least one person and at least one masculine animated being (ex a girl and a dog)

not masculine personal is all other: - neuter plural nouns - feminine plural nouns - masculine not personal nouns


Fair enough. Guess I've never had to talk about animals doing things in the past before.

A girl and a dog being masculine personal is pretty tricky though...


Alright, but a bird is a masculine animated being such as the dog you were putting in your example. Shouldn t that make it ptaki siedzieli?


Those are two separate things.

Being animate or inanimate only matters for masculine singular nouns in Accusative (Widzę zielony stół = I see a green table, Widzę zielonego ptaka = I see a green bird).

In plural, it matters whether the noun is 'masculine personal' or not. "ptak" is masculine, sure, but it's not a person. Therefore it goes under the second plural, known under the beautiful name of 'not masculine-personal'.


Thanks for the helpful and enlightening explanation, Jellei!

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