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"Eich hun"


March 2, 2016



Is "yourselves" a valid answer?


Yes. A couple of variations with these:

  • hun used for everything, singular and plural.
  • hunan used for the singular and hunain for the plural.

According to 'Dweud eich Dweud', a book on colloquial and idiomatic Welsh, southern dialects tend towards hunan and northern dialects towards hun, but neither "...is unknown in any part of the country."


Depends on the dialect.

King gives invariable "hun" for the north (whether singular or plural) in his Modern Welsh: a comprehensive grammar, but singular "hunan"/plural "hunain" for the south, and notes that "with hunan, as opposed to the invariable hun, the double function of the 2nd pers. pl. (pl., or formal sing.) can be differentiated: eich hunain yourselves, eich hunan yourself (polite or formal)."

So I think eich hun should be either of those -- "yourself" or "yourselves".


Aha! Just looked this up in 'Gramadeg y Gymraeg' and 'Dweud eich Dweud' and edited my response above.

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