"Our child can read and write."

Translation:Nasze dziecko umie czytać i pisać.

March 2, 2016



why not moze for "can"

March 2, 2016


The verb „móc” means "to be able to, because circumstances allow it"
The verb „umieć” means "to be able to, because one possesses the skills or abilities"

March 2, 2016


Thank you for your answer! So, would you also translate umieć as "to know how to"? For example, I can/know how to (umiem) play the guitar but I cannot (mogę) play because I do not have my guitar here with me?

June 6, 2017


while that sentence would be grammatically correct it would either mean "Our child is allowed to read and write", or our child has physical ability to read and write. ( their hands and eyes are physically capable of those activities).

Our child has learned how to read and write and now can do it , has to be translated as "umie"

March 2, 2016


Adrian and Maria: thanks for your answers to Radha Tereska's question because it was mine too, but going by your answers, it seems 'może' should be accepted as well...

June 5, 2017


That's a tough thing to decide on. It is technically possible, but just so strange in this context... it's rather unusual to assume that this sentence has anything else than just the ability to read in mind.

Perhaps "knows how to read and write" would be a better English sentence, avoiding such ambiguity?

June 9, 2017
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