"Jestem dość dobrym aktorem."

Translation:I am quite a good actor.

March 2, 2016

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Jestem dość pokorny...


You would rather say:
Jestem dość skromny - I am quite modest
Jestem dość skromną osobą - I am a quite modest person


Why does the hint under dobrym says its in locative case? Isnt it instrumental?


instrumental= dobrym aktorem

locative= dobrym aktorze

both have "dobrym", but you are right there should be both or neither in hints


I put "I am quite a good actor" which was marked wrong (instead of "I am a quite good actor"). I think my answer should be fine, although maybe there's a subtly different meaning depending on British vs North American English?


Ha, i got this question again and put "I am a quite good actor" which was marked wrong saying I should do "I am quite a good actor" so I think Duo may just not like me :p I did eat chicken recently...


"quite a good" is in the main answer.

I believe I removed "a quite good" shortly before your comment, as I considered it to be rather non-standard.


I disagree that "a quite good" is non-standard. That's how English Canadians say it


Hmmm... added back, then.


I dosc also used as a term for enough as in, to jest dosc?


It didn't accept "I am a reasonably good actor."


Seems okay, added.


I accidentally wrote 'dobry' and it was accepted. I like that spelling mistakes are allowed, however in the case that it's simply the wrong case/word used, I think it should be wrong.


We hate this as much as you do, but there is no one here who could do anything about it. We moderators have no say in matters like this.

You can use your plus support to file a complaint.


Is dość comparable to zupełnie in meaning?


It's quite different, as it means "completely".


"I am a good enough actor" was not accepted. Could it be?


I'm not sure if it should. Technically it's a possible interpretation of "dość dobrym", but I find this interpretation just 'possible', not really 'likely'...


Could the distinction be that dość is more like "quite" when used to modify an adjective such as "Jestem dość dobrym aktorem" but more like "enough" when used to modify a noun: "Nie mamy dość energii" or "Mam dość pieniędzy"?


That makes sense to me :) I'd add that with adverbs it's also "quite", for example "Mam dość dużo pieniędzy" is like "quite a lot", "quite a big amount of".

I'd add that "dość" can be equivalent to "enough!" as an interjection, so e.g. "Mam cię dość!" is "I've had enough of you, get out of here, I don't wanna look at you!".

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