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  5. "I love my mom a lot."

"I love my mom a lot."

Translation:Bardzo kocham moją mamę.

March 2, 2016



i could put emphasis on "a lot" by saying "kocham moja mamę bardzo"?


Can I not say 'Kocham bardzo mamę' here and miss out moją?


I'm not particularly fond of this word order, but as "Kocham bardzo [moją/swoją] mamę" worked, missing out 'moją' should work as well. Added now.


Why do you allow Bardzo cię kocham and not bardzo moja mamę kocham? I don't get the reason for different words orders


Generally the object is after the verb, just not when it means that a pronoun ends up at the end of the sentence. So "Bardzo kocham moją mamę" is the more basic word order, but "Bardzo cię kocham" avoids the clunkiness of ending with a pronoun, a problem that the 'mom' sentence doesn't have.


Bardzo dużo kocham moją mamę


"bardzo dużo" refers to quantity, not to the... strength of the feeling. So it doesn't work.


"Duzo kocham moja mame" (copy-pasted) wasn't accepted, you cannot use "duzo" in such a situation ?

PS: I don't use Polish characters in the exercices but I think about them and check the answer to see if I had them right.

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you cannot use "duzo" in such a situation ?

No. Depending on context, in English "a lot" can replace "much" or "many", but it can also mean "greatly" "very". In this context - only the last meaning works https://www.diki.pl/a+lot . Saying "dużo kocham moja mamę" would be similar to English "I many love my mom".

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