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Tree Strategies

Could some people shared some of your successful languages learning techniques? For example, how long do you spend on one subject? How fast does it take you to finish a tree?

March 2, 2016



What works well varies from person to person. I like a mix or learning new things and reviewing existing stuff. If I find I am feeling lost and I can't remember things in the exercises that are from previous lessons I go back and spend a while (maybe a week) mostly reviewing old lessons.

I think it took me around six months to finish my French tree. Obviously certain people can finish a tree extremely quickly. However the goal is not to finish the tree but to build a good foundation for learning the language so it takes as long as it takes.


I know you posted this long ago, but I have tried a new technique this time and it has really helped me. What I do is that i start by learning a skill, then I strengthen (everything, not just the single skill) for about a week. Then I learn a skill again, and continue. I think strengthening is especially important in Polish to recall the correct case endings when you need them.

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