"Dewch chi i'r Almaen gyda fi"

Translation:You will come to Germany with me

March 2, 2016



So the future and the imperative are the same?

March 2, 2016


Often, but not always! The imperative often has the same form as the second person present/future, but in the colloquial language people are far less likely to use the short-form present/future tense anyway, apart from some very common verbs.

In the Duo sentence above it shows dewch chi... - it is not usual for the chi/ti to be included in an imperative unless for emphasis.

If you are investing in any books on the Welsh language then 'Y Llyfr Berfau', a bilingual book by D. Geraint Lewis (usually about £9) is pretty much the standard reference list of the written forms of verbs, and it often shows the common, less formal forms where these differ. It has a few useful notes on usage, too. It does not try to cover the numerous dialect forms that exist for some common verbs, though.

March 3, 2016
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