"Ar bwys"


March 2, 2016

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What does yn ymyl mean


'Near' as well. ger is a common alternative, too, and there are several others.


ymyl can also mean 'edge'


Whilst respecting DL's decision to adhere to "normal" usages, these may be less confusing:

Yn ymyl y dre = on the edge of the town Yn agos i'r dre= near the town Ger y dre = near the town ( more Northern perhaps) Wrth y dre = by the town ( not sure I would use wrth with dre. I think wrth feels more comfortable with small things). Ar bwys y dre = beside the town.

As Ibisc says there are regional variations as well as nuances possible but to restrict all these words in Welsh to a single English meaning does the language something of a disservice in Cymraeg i Oedolion despite its rational seeking of simplicity Surely all these words /phrases did not evolve to have a single simple meaning.


Should 'by' be accepted here too?


'near' is the usual translation of ar bwys.

On this course we try and stick to the usual meanings as taught on Cymraeg i Oedolion (Welsh for Adults) course in Wales. All sorts of less common translations are possible for very many words, and many idiomatic expressions use words in less common ways, too.

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