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Students' native language is Chinese, mine is English.

I'm Canadian. My native language is English.

I'm working in China and my students are native Chinese speakers who are learning English. Their levels are ALL OVER THE PLACE. (Brand new school so they kind of took anyone who was willing to come.)

I want to set up my classrooms so that the version they see is in Chinese, or at least the activities (like translating) are given to them in Chinese to translate into English.

Is that an option? I'm setting up my classroom today and it's hard to tell if that's what the students are going to see.

Thanks guys! Kate

March 3, 2016

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Hi Kate. I'm in a similar situation in Taiwan. The best solution is that your personal Duo account (the one you play with) should be set to English. The students in your class will be set to Chinese. Everything should work flawlessly with one exception. When you assign skills they will come up in Chinese. You will have to take a look at the English menu to see exactly what they are.

You can avoid that mess of apples by giving assignments for points. That way your students can work at a level that is appropriate for them, and earn points at their level.

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