"Mewn ymarfer"

Translation:In a practice

March 3, 2016

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How woild this phrase be used?


Mae Ceri'n canu mewn côr, a bydd hi mewn ymarfer yn y neuadd heno - Ceri sings in a choir and she will be at/in a practice/rehearsal in the hall this evening.


Eventually I figured it out. The translation I was given on my phone was "in an exercise," which sounded quite strange to me. I a practice or rehearsal makes perfects sense.


"Mae Ceri bydd mewn ymarfer côr heno." neu "Bydd mewn ymarfer côr Ceri heno" How do you say "Ceri will be in choir practice tonight"


mae is present tense, bydd is future tense - you can't use both together.

Bydd Ceri mewn ymarfer côr heno - Ceri will be in a choir practice this evening.

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