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Strengthen Skills is Giving Me the Same Lesson Everytime

I am only able to take different lessons by selecting a particular lesson. Ordinarily, it will move on from a lesson once I complete the timed trial, so it seems to be broken.

March 3, 2016



Please take a look at jrikhal's reply to this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13978923
If possible, make screenshots of the lesson review page.


Tried that. Hope it helps.


I've also noticed this today. I get essentially the same strengthening exercise over and over. Flashcards on the Words page won't move on either. Hopefully tomorrow the system will be fixed.


It was affecting general strengthening French from Spanish yesterday and still seems to be doing so today.


This is annoying. This always happens to me.


Yes this is happening to me as well (in the Portuguese track).

When I 'practice again', it feeds me the same material I just reviewed. I can only reinforce specific skills by navigating directly to them. Moreover, even when I select them directly, I'm finding that the skill proficiency hasn't been increased. In one case, I practiced the skill twice, once without mistakes, and the level still didn't increase.


I'm really stubborn... A lesson was doing this to me two days ago. So I kept doing it. On the fifth try, it gave me the little gold bar. My 2nd - 5th tries had no mistakes.


I have been dealing with the same problem for 2 days on timed practice in Turkish and Spanish.


Can I progress from level 8


Sure. Gaining XP is not affected, and you can still do new lessons as well.

Just keep doing new lessons or strengthening sessions and getting XP, and your level should go up. Your profile says you have 170 XP to go to reach level 9.


i have repeated the 'Politics' exercise about ten times with no advance

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