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Voice in Italian course is of very bad quality

I am a native italian and my (british) gf has been learning italian using duolingo, I found that very often the pronunciation of words is incorrect and phrases built together in the listening exercises sound pretty robotic and do not resemble the italian intonation, making them sometimes quite hard to understand even for a native speaker. Rather than composing sentences couldn't you find somebody that spends a few hours recording all the sentences you use? If my gf spoke italian with the same accent as the voice in duolingo she would sound like a joke. Besides this issue, keep up the great work!

December 30, 2013



I am not a native speaker but I completely agree. This is the worst of the three language audios that I am following (German, French, Italian). I often must use the "slow motion" button to understand her and even then it is really not up to par! sorry to be negative


Totally. I understand a native speaker, but I can't understand the audios :/

[deactivated user]

    My dad speaks italian and sounds nothing like the voice in this thing...


    As a native Italian speaker, there's more than just poor audio quality. The sentences are often just... wrong. "I don't want you to die" (please don't ask why that was a sentence in the course) is "Non voglio che tu muoia", but the 'correct' answer was "Non voglio che tu moriate" (which is apparently Latin). :P


    The Italian audio still seems quite robotic

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