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"Y Chwe Gwlad"

Translation:The Six Nations

March 3, 2016



If anyone who's not from the UK is curious to know what "Y chwe Gwlad" is, it's a major international rugby competition.

You can find more about it here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_Nations_Championship


Is there a difference between chwe and chwech?


pump, chwech, cant drop their last letter when used before nouns (but not, for example, if followed by o):

  • pum cath (but pump o gathod) - five cats
  • Pencampwriaeth y Chwe Gwlad - the Six Nations Championship (but chwech o wledydd - six countries)
  • can milltir (but cant o filltiroedd) - a hundred miles


Now you're talking. No more baseball please - we're British. And Wales won the last 6 Nations. Yippeeee!


Well, the Welsh men won, but the women came fourth...


Women's rugby hasn't been going for as long as men's and I think that comment might be a tinny bit sexist. Pride comes before a fall.

I rejoice whoever wins.


The World Cup and The 6 Nations, now this ties.

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