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Issue with 'Strengthen Skills'

Whenever I attempt to use 'Strengthen Skills' with German from English it consistently repeats the same set of skills that need to be strengthened, regardless of whether or not it is gold. The only way I can strengthen is by clicking in each individual skill and testing it that way but I much prefer to do it the randomly generated way. It doesn't do this with my Italian skills and this problem only arose yesterday.

Any tips?


March 3, 2016



I have the same problem with the Spanish tree


That's very interesting! I haven't seen any other Discussion posts about it so I wondered how many people may have been affected, and I wondered if the people that need to know about to fix it it do actually know about it.


Unfortunately, I don't think this generic 'strengthen skills' option is working as it should. Your best option by now is strengthening individual skills. I would also love it to be random, but it simply hasn't been working like that, despite numerous reports about the problem.


I had the same problem twice in the Turkish tree. After I strengthen the first skill, this skill will come up again and not one of the other skills that need strengthening


Same problem here, French from English. Once in a while it moves on with a different skill if I reload the page or restart my browser, but most of the time it seems stuck.


This just started happening to me yesterday. Very frustrating when I have so much to review!


I'm experiencing the same thing as of two or three days ago. The same small set of words and phrases keep repeating. Looks like somebody broke the training algorithm.


I have the same problem and haven´t found a way round it. It would be nice if it was more random. I now use the tree, watch what I need to strengthen and go for particular skills instead. Goal: to have everything golden every day and learn one ore more skills every day (this goal is not always fulfilled...).

[deactivated user]

    I have the same challenge. So, I just redo the set of skills and progress. Strengthening the skills is not sufficient. I discovered that unless I get correct answers, all of them, every time, I will need to redo the lessons.


    Hi, actually I am having the same problem since yesterday,it happens to me in German from English, and also in Portuguese from Spanish.

    Also the errors now are not marked in the text fields, only below (would it be the same update)?


    It seems to be working this morning for me!


    Here it doesn't unfortunately, but I'm taking another course. Still the problems are similar and persisting for some time now, it's getting slightly annoying. Sometimes, despite the confirmation that I "passed", nothing changes on the homepage, in other words I didn't strengthen anything. Gotta repeat and cross fingers. At other times I clearly fail the test, yet the strength level on the homepage is readjusted like after success -- with or without confirmation. Or an entirely different skill changes level. Nothing of this being comprehensible. And yes, there's also a lot of repetition of phrases. I first assumed this to be on purpose, since only questions I answered wrong came up again. Meanwhile however my replies make no difference: I'm getting the same phrases 2x, sometimes 3x in a test.

    I've already replaced cookies, cache and what have you. No good.

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