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Students signing up through Google Apps account: Name is lost in Duolingo

I created a teacher account and then had my students create a duolingo account using their google app for add account. When they joined my class, they are a number instead of a name. I have them go back into setting and fix their name, but then it reverted back to a number again. Any way to fix this?

March 3, 2016



Hi SusanMcLeish,

did they try several username to replace the number? If the tried one that is already taken then the system will not take into account the change but will not notify you that the username is already taken.


It might sound silly, but are they pressing the "Save Changes" button when they change their names? It's at the top right of the Settings page, not at the bottom, where people might be used to seeing a "Save Changes" button, so some people miss it.

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