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Correcting Your Mistakes

I have noticed my family when they get something wrong then it tells them they can correct their mistakes but it doesn't do that for me. Why?

December 30, 2013



Duolingo tests different versions on different groups of people. The error correction may become available to everyone once it has been proven to be more successful than other versions.


Are you talking about this?

Say if the lessons require you to type this in Spanish: I eat an apple. When you type it, say if you have a small error: (Yo) como una manxana (You have spelled "manzana" wrong, or mistyped it.) It will correct "manxana" to "manzana". It also does this for accents, if you miss them. (El nino)---CORRECTION--> (El niƱo). However, take note that DL does correct a sentence if there is a spare letter after it (manzanak)---CORRECTION--> (manzana), BUT, it will see it as plural if you accidentally type an "s" at the end.


It is not like that, It is like I get a whole word wrong and it can say: Continue in green or Fix Mistakes in red. If you choose to correct your mistakes it gives you 1/2 heart back if you get it right.

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