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  5. "Де ваш квиток?"

"Де ваш квиток?"

Translation:Where is your ticket?

March 3, 2016



Ой! Додому!

[deactivated user]

    The question is not «Куди́ ваш квиток?» (куди́ is 'where?' meaning 'to what place?'), but «Де ваш квито́к?» (де is 'where? meaning 'in what place?'). It's something a train conductor could ask you.


    Ok. Perhaps I'm not really clear yet on the proper meaning of Додому. I was imagining what to say if I bought a ticket (for either a concert or show) ahead of time and suddenly realized that I carelessly left my ticket at home. I was taught that Ой! is an interjection that usually conveys unpleasant surprise.

    [deactivated user]

      Oh! «Додо́му» is a direction ('homewards', 'to one's home'), and if you need a location, you'd use «вдо́ма» ('at home'). So, if I heard «додо́му», I'd understand that you have a ticket to your native town.

      «Додо́му» is an aswer to the question «куди́?», «вдо́ма» is an answer to the question «де?».

      You're right about «ой».

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