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"Not into wine?"

January 18, 2013



This is confusing. Although I understand the meaning I don't think the term 'into' is widely used to mean 'like' and may mislead someone trying to learn english.


into means also "dentro", you just have to pay attention to the context. "Not into wine" if you translate to portuguese it would mean literaly "Não dentro vinho" that wouldn't make any sense, so if you want to say that there isn't anything inside the wine bottle, say "não ESTÁ dentro DO vinho" that means literaly "IT IS not into THE wine"


No, that would be translated "it is not IN the wine." It doesn't make much sense to say "it is not into the wine" in English except in the idiomatic meaning, but saying "it" is into something is very strange.


maybe it depends on where you are from, I would use "into" like this very often in English


Yes, I think they are trying to confuse people with this sentence. And unfortunately this is not the only sentence which is misleading.

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