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  5. "On pracuje jako model."

"On pracuje jako model."

Translation:He works as a model.

March 3, 2016



What case does jako take?


Note that "jako" is not a declension of the word "jak", it's a different word, and neither of them are the same as the word "jaki".

If I understand correctly, there are basically three ones that DON'T decline:

jako - "as" (On pracuje jako model - He works as a model)

jak - "how" (Jak to możliwe!? - How is this possible?)

jak - "like/as" (Jestem głodny jak wilk! - I am as hungry as a wolf!)

And then a fourth one, the only one which DOES decline:

jaki - what kind of (Jaki smak? - What flavor?)


Usually nominative.

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