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  5. "Ga i sglodion?"

"Ga i sglodion?"

Translation:May I have chips?

March 4, 2016



Just making sure, by chips this is what Americans call "French Fries." Right?


Sglods are nice and chunky and made from real potatoes! Not like those limp, soggy, skinny articles that come with PlastiBurgers.


I've always wondered, do you shorten pysgodyn a sglodion in any way? Seems like such a mouthful to say.


If you watch Pobol y Cwm, the village chip shop has a sign 'Sgod a Sglods' in the window.


Yup! (Well, the steak chips variety is what most people would think you're talking about).


What are chips as in potato chips or tortilla chips called?


(Potato) crisps - Creision


Ysglodyn/sglodyn/asglod (plural ysglodion/sglodion/asglodion) come from Vulgar Latin ascla, from Classical Latin assula (diminutive of axis/assis ["axis, wheel, axle"]), of which also descend Romance astilla/attelle/așchie ("splinter, sliver, chip"), atelier/taller ("workshop") and estallar ("to explode"). It's further related to Lithuanian ašis (“axle”), Sanskrit अक्ष (akṣa, “axle, axis, balance beam”), Ancient Greek ἄξων (áxōn, “axle” [as in the part of a neuron]), English axle, axis and Icelandic öxull ("axis; axle"), all from Proto-Indo-European *h₂eḱs- ("axis, axle").


Not sure to understand... Does "sglodion" mean "chips" or "fries"? If I look at the other comments, I can see that British and American have a different meaning of "chips". And, as a French, I'm confused...


What often helps in such situations is to do an image search for the term.

For example, go to https://www.google.com/imghp or https://www.bing.com/images and enter sglodion and have a look at the pictures that search term brings back.


I hadn't thought about that! Thank you!

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