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  5. "Де вона?"

"Де вона?"

Translation:Where is she?

March 4, 2016



So, I'm Russian and what I made out:
Я - я
Ты - Ти Он/она/оно - вiн/вона/воно Мы - ми Вы - ви Они - вони


So how are they pronouncing вона?


The way she pronounces in the audio.

Also here


All the DL audio soundbites for this language are for too low (have already increased my device volume to the max!)... So, like myself (now 1st time learner of Ukrainian language), its very hard/too quiet to clearly hear/distinguish small/vital vocal sound inflections (I've recently flagged this problem up to DL team). :-(


I'm sorry, I am sure the DL team is doing what they can! I think they are not full-time employees of Duolingo and are doing it whenever they have time :) If the audio is not clear here, click "report" and look it up on forvo.com. If you can't find on forvo either, ask me, I'll record for you! :D


We need to report it via Duolingo, botton right flag icon.


"Deh vonah" is that correct pronunciation?


I would say yes, if I understood your representation correctly x)

Instead of representing Ukrainian words with "English spelling" it's easier to just remember that every letter sounds like, since we don't have any complicated pronunciation rules anyway, one letter is usually one sound. Then you can just wrote "de vona", representing Ukrainian letters with English letters, not Ukrainian sounds with "English" sounds.

For the pronunciation I advise to go here


I'm not getting any audio for a lot of these exercises. This is just one of them... It's a shame. I'd really love to hear it from a native speaker here.


Interesting... I hear the audio (16.08.2017).

In case you want more different pronunciations from native speakers, you can try https://forvo.com/

I personally don't really like the audio that's here on Ukrainian Duolingo in general ^^


Thank you for the resource!


I put "where she is" why its wrong!?


It is not the same thing?


I wrote "Where is she?" and this question isn't right. But right question is - "Where is she?" :D Lol. It's funny


Now, I have a butthurt. Save a screen. It is not funny!!!1111

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