4079 words

Here is a link to a Memrise course for over 4000 words. Join me in trying to complete it before the end of 2016.

March 4, 2016


S'pose I could try.

I am very happy that you linked this course. I have been doing the "Speak Esperanto Like a Native" courses on Memrise. They are very well done, but there is a lot of overlap with my Duolingo vocabulary, so I haven't really been learning many new words from them. I am only 25 words into the 4k word course, and I'm learning a lot of new words.

I had the same problem with that course but I've found the 4k words course to be about 99% new vocabulary.

This will go on my list of Memrise courses to complete. I would have like 5000 words, to match my German, Spanish, and Portuguese courses, but I suppose 4000 will have to due ;)

Thank you, this helps me with my long term learning plans. Now I have a complete set of resources.

Nice list but i really need a no typing verson. Does anyone know of one.

for me the trouble with memrise is their typing requirements are so unforgiving that i never progress through the lists as my dyslexia and physical problems with keyboards combine to make lots of trivial errors. I can understand, read and remember but type out and spell, not so much.

Thanks, appreciate it.

Here is a list of affixees and words , apparently ordered by frequency in case anyone is interested. Only 2500 but it might be useful

It would be nice if they put the words in order by frequency. Is a bit like what you are looking for , but not on memrise i am afraid.

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