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Points for practicing old lessons

It would be nice if you could get a nominal amount of skill points for practicing old lessons, even ones you finished with three hearts. I've been going back this week to review lessons I wasn't as confident with and it's been helping a lot, but by points it looks as though I haven't been doing anything. Not a big deal, but would be a nice touch.

January 18, 2013



I was thinking the same thing. Either redoing lessons should contribute more to daily/weekly progress, or lessons should upgrade to a refresher module when completed.


I agree. It's a pain to spend an hour perfecting a lesson and then get hardly any points from it.


I'd love this too. I've been redoing my old lessons to get 3 hearts (and to review, of course), but it's kind of discouraging to only get up to 3 coins per practice.


Wanted to add that I would love some sort of reward for practicing old lessons...besides just the fact that I know that I was bettering my skills. :)


You can get more points if you want. If you want to practice old lessons don't push in the lesson or in the exercises. Push just below of them, in "practice" button, you will get the same exercises and you will get the same point than in regular lessons or even more points if you make the timed practice.


There are two main reasons why a user might prefer to redo a lesson than practice.

First, skill practices don't affect the heart progress for each lesson. As the course becomes more difficult, more time and effort is needed to achieve the 3 hearts.

Second, redoing lessons is the only way to practice with fewer and more focused vocabulary. Some skills have over 70 words, which can be overwhelming.

With both, the reward and progress is very small and disproportional. This is what Kaylastack and the others are trying to pointing out.


Practicing, even with the general practice is not going to overheming to anybody. The practice always give you a bunch of words every time for practice and the focused vocabulary is best chosen by the progam because is going to give you more weak words in every practice.


I don't think it's appropriate to surmise this for all, especially when it comes to languages and learning. Everyone is different.


Actually, I agree with eunoia on this one.

I find the Practice Session, especially Timed Practice to be a bit overwhelming and prefer to work on each unit by itself (and add hearts to my heart collection.)

My learning style is memorize first, learn grammar rules second. So far, this learning style has worked for me and with practicing a unit multiple times I can work on memorizing the sentences.

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