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  5. "Dach chi eisiau llefrith?"

"Dach chi eisiau llefrith?"

Translation:Do you want some milk?

March 4, 2016



This could also be "Do you want some milk?". Because Cymraeg has no concept at all of indefiniteness, any indefinite articles (and their substitutes) are omitted. The English word some can be used as a plural indefinite article (a/an). Compare "I want an apple" and "I want some apples" (but "I want apples" also makes sense). This use of some goes untranslated in Welsh just as the English a/an does.

Ydach chi isio llefrith? - Do you want (some) milk? (North)

Ydych chi eisiau llaeth? - Do you want (some) milk? (South)


I understand that 'llefrith' means butter-milk in the south, so a translation for this sentence could be 'Do you want some butter-milk?'


There are more specific expressions for 'buttermilk'. Stick with 'milk' for both llaeth and llefrith.


This is from north Wales. I am learning in the south


You will have to be able to recognise and understand all forms, though, which you will come across in books, radio interviews, television series, ....

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