"Dziś nie ma kolacji."

Translation:There is no dinner today.

March 4, 2016

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I thought it would be ‘breakfast’, as ‘colazione’ is Italian for ‘breakfast’...


just so we are clear, kolacja is evening/night meal


A false friend. Beware them.


Not a good sentence to be hearing in any language -- wah!


Wait, "no" or "not"? Which is correct?


I would use "no", but I think "not" might be also correct. The difference is that "no" negates the noun: "dinner", while "not" negates the verb: "is".


You can say "no dinner" or "not any dinner", but "there isn't dinner" is bad English.


" Today I'm not having dinner" Why isn't it accepted?


No, no , no, I got it. Yes I self-reply myself.


I thought communism was gone.


Why isn't it "dziśaj" (not sure of spelling) .Is it like "for today " with the for understood, so is not nominative case. P.S. all I learned at school (in Australia) was nominative objective possessive and that's all I remember. My brain shuts down when you mention all the other cases in Polish .


"Dziś" and "dzisiaj" are synonyms. You can use one or the other, but be wary of the spelling. One has "ś" and the other has "si".


Despite forgetting the language of my early childhood, I have been to Poland over 20 times in my lifetime, often to teach English in summer schools. I have always had the main meal of the day, cooked and hot, between 12 and 1 and my Polish hosts called it obiad. Between 5 and 6.30, I always had a cold selection of meats, salads, bread and fruit etc and they called it kolacja. This course does it the opposite way round,calling the cooked mid-day meal kolacja. ?!?


The course doesn't do that. The problem is that the meaning of the English word "dinner" changes depending on where you're form. Kolacja can also be cooked and hot if you eat it late, typically at a restaurant.

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