March 4, 2016

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Witaj, witam, witamy?


"witam" - I welcome you

"witamy" - we welcome you

"witaj"/"witajcie" - well... 'you be welcome'? Those are kinda hard to explain ;)


Curious why the suggested translation, "mile widziany", is not accepted. If it's not correct, it shouldn't be suggested, or at least should not be the only suggested translation.

Similarly curious why witam/witamy aren't accepted, as the question does not specify person.


21 June 2019 - I agree. It is very misleading and should be removed if it does not apply.


Suggestions tell you only how the word can be translated to English. The best option is usually the first one, the next ones are just other meanings - not always making sense in the specific sentence. It's not misleading, you just need to be aware of that they suggest you only the meaning of the word, not of the whole context :) [Anyway, here we don't have any context actually, so I think the answer "mile widziany" should be accepted. Though I can suppose why it's not - usually you don't scream "Mile widziany!" in any situation, as it means "welcome" as "accepted in some place" ;)]


Yeah, "Mile widziany!" with an exclamation mark would be a very unusual thing to say ;) So we don't want to accept it.

If it was "You are welcome", then "Jesteś mile widziany" would make sense.


I've been in Poland for 4 months and I've read\heard "Witam" and "Witaj" as a greeting so many times, i get the feeling it's normal and correct.

More over it sounds so much like Belarusian "вітаю" which is "[i am] greeting [you]" that it feels even more "normal" and I get more urges to use it.


Witaj! W polsce (╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻


'prosze' works the same way, actually. Inviting someone to your house, that's the word you would use.


Is it possible to use "Zapraszam(y)" ?


Only in some contexts. That is literally I/We invite you, so it won't fit every situation... it will when someone enters your house or restaurant, it won't when you want to say something like "Welcome to Poland!"


That could be a translation of "(you are) welcome (here)": "Jesteś tu mile widziany".

It's close to "Miło cię widzieć" = "Nice to see you".

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